AREA invites all qualified candidates to submit an application for membership.

Download the Application Procedures

Download the Membership Application

Download the Certification/Registry Application

Download the Confidential Documents Preference Form

Download the Code of Standards & Ethics

Where do I begin?

  1. Read the Application Procedures.
  2. Complete and return the Membership Application and/or the Certification/Registry Application (read the Certification Process Instructions first), along with the requested documentation.
  3. Pay the appropriate fee for the Membership category and/or Certification/Registry category for which you are applying.
  4. Call or email with any questions you may have.

SAVE when you pay by check or money order

Professional and Associate membership dues

1 year: $175

2 years: $315
(10% discount)

3 years: $420
(20% discount)

Student membership dues

$25 (no prepay discounts)

Mail check or money order to PO Box 19941, San Diego, CA 92159-9941, payable to “AREA.”

Credit Card payments are also accepted for the following:

NEW Membership Applications

Membership Renewals

CEA Recertifications

(Fees associated with NEW Certification Applications and NEW Registry Applications must be paid by check or money order.)

Membership: New and Renew
CEA Recertification Fees

Please call or email with any questions you may have.