AREA invites all qualified candidates to submit an application for membership.

Download the Application Procedures

Download the Membership Application

Download the Certification/Registry Application

Download the Confidential Documents Preference Form

Download the Code of Standards & Ethics

  1. Complete and return the Application for the Membership and/or Certification/Registry category for which you are applying, along with the requested documentation.
  2. Enclose the appropriate fee for the Membership category and/or Certification/Registry category for which you are applying.

Credit Card Payments (below):

  • Only available for Membership Applications and Membership Renewals.
  • Not accepted at this time for the Certification/Registry process.

Thank you for your interest in AREA.

Click the box below to access the drop down list of membership categories and dues terms.
Discounts are available for prepayment: 10% for 2 years; 20% for 3 years

Credit card payments for new Certifications and new Registries are not accepted at this time.