The American Rehabilitation Economics Association (AREA) is an association of vocational, economic, rehabilitation, and life care planning professionals. Our members are located throughout the United States, Canada and the Virgin Islands.

AREA has two missions:

  • Recognizing the integrative use of vocational rehabilitation and economic loss assessment as a distinct discipline, and
  • Providing a peer-exchange forum for vocational, economic, rehabilitation, and life care planning experts.

AREA supports professional growth by offering opportunities for continuing education at its Annual Conference. AREA interfaces with other vocational, economic, rehabilitation, and life care planning organizations to encourage the sharing of knowledge among related forensic professionals.

Established in 1989, AREA is the only international certifying body that has this unique blend of professions in loss assessment. AREA is the first professional association to establish a Registry of both Forensic Vocational and Forensic Economic Experts.

AREA sponsors an ANNUAL CONFERENCE to promote continuing education in its field.

AREA publishes an online scholarly JOURNAL (“The Earnings Analyst”), in cooperation with the Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts (CPDE), highlighting the latest industry research and trends. The TEA is available online by clicking here.

Have questions or comments about AREA? Email area@gasvcs.net or call toll free 800.317.2732 (619.440.2650).